Spanish techno artists Héctor Sandoval (a.k.a. Tensal) has shared details of his next EP, Opposite Inertia, which will be released in April.

Sandoval is perhaps best known for his work as half of Exium alongside Valentín Corujo, a duo who have been releasing music for the past 15 years on the likes of Planet Rhythm, Pole Recordings and their own Nheoma. When operating as a solo producer, Sandoval adopts the Tensal alias, a project with which he is now set to debut on Kynant (a relatively new label that has so far put out music by Italian producer Max Durante). The EP, Opposite Inertia, is described as being marked by “classic synth focus that defines the Tensal project,” with each of the four tracks capturing a different techno mood.

Stream the first track from the EP below.