Terence Fixmer will release a new solo EP with Ostgut Ton.

Fixmer has been active under various guises (such as Eisbär, Cyborg, Gemini 9, and Scanner) since the early ’90s, occupying his own niche that combines industrial, electro, techno, and EBM sounds into one cohesive whole. He’s also well-known for his collaborative work with Nitzer Ebb‘s Douglas McCarthy.

Having remixed Depeche Mode and DJ Hell as well as releasing a new Fixmer/McCarthy single with McCarthy, 2017 has already proven to be a productive year for the French techno producer. With the new Force EP, the Berghain resident follows up on 2016’s Beneath The Skin EP by offering “four stylistically different but congenial techno scenarios for club use.”

Tracklisting 12“ / Digital:

A2. Sidewalk
B1.Melting Planets
B2.Striking Patterns

Force EP is scheduled for July 28 release, with clips streamable below.