Twelve years ago, Detroit techno auteur Terrence Dixon issued From the Far Future, his first full-length and an effort that still stands out as one of his signature releases. Granted, Dixon has been releasing records since the mid ’90s and dropped another album, Train of Thought, in 2007, but it seems that From the Far Future made a mark so strong that Dixon has been compelled to revisit it. As such, he’s announced plans to release From the Far Future Pt.2 (artwork above) in late September on the storied Tresor imprint. Describing the album as a “statement,” Dixon says that he sought to make it “as huge as it could be.” If the volume of music being offered on From the Far Future Pt.2 is any indication, the album certainly appears to have the heft to back up his claims. The CD version contains 14 tracks, while the double-LP vinyl edition includes a selection of eight dancefloor-oriented cuts, only three of which also appear on the CD. Both versions are slated to appear on September 24, but in the meantime, the complete tracklistings can be viewed below.

CD Version:
1. Self Centered
2. Dark City Of Hope (Main Mix)
3. Fountain Of Life
4. My Journey Here
5. Path To Mystery
6. The Switch
7. Horizon
8. Vision Blurry
9. The Auto Factory
10. Lead By Example
11. Navigate
12. Tone
13. Blinking & Flashing
14. The Study

LP Version:
Light of Day
Sleight of Mind
11th Floor
Band Together
The Study
Dark City of Hope (Hard Mix)
Fountain of Life
Intermission (Digital Bonus)
State of the City (Digital Bonus)
Life Events (Digital Bonus)