Shortly after giving away not one but two albums for free download, UK grime producer Terror Danjah just announced the forthcoming release of his first full-length album for Hyperdub, Undeniable. The 14-track record will drop on November 2, and showcases the producer applying many styles from the wealth of British electronic music genres—dubstep, grime, underground house, and the like—to his new tracks. Collaborations with vocalists Dream Mclean, Mz Bratt, Griminal, and Lauren Mason, among others, also appear on Undeniable. You can check out the full tracklist below, and read an interview Hyperdub’s Kode9 did with Terror Danjah about his music and new LP here.

1. Grand Opening ft. Dream Mclean
2. Acid
3. This Year (Pro Plus) ft. D.O.K., Mz Bratt, and Griminal
4. Bruzin V.I.P
5. S.O.S
6. I’m Feelin U
7. Minimal Dub
8. Breaking Bad ft. Baby Face Jay
9. Sonar (Selassi Mix)
10. Undeniable ft. D Double E
11. Leave Me Alone ft. Bruza
12. All I Wanna Do ft. Lauren Mason
13. Time To Let Go
14. Story Ending