Chicago-house veteran Tevo Howard is set to release a new four-track record via Permanent Vacation next month. Howard, who contributed an XLR8R podcast earlier this year, is among the early house-music producers who have managed to stay relevant since the late ’80s thanks to his consistent output and impeccable style. Keeping with the DJ/producer’s 2010 release for Permanent Vacation, What is Noise?, his new record is called What is Sound?, and further exemplifies his dedication to creating and exploring dancefloor music. Though no previews are available yet, the record is said to be more of what we’ve come to love and expect from Howard: stripped-down, hypnotic, classically minded Chicago house. You can check out the tracklist and artwork for Howard’s latest 12″ before it record drops on December 7.

1A. Pump and Bounce (Full Mix)
2A. Pump and Bounce (Short Mix)
1B. You Have a Way with Words (Full Mix)
2B. What is Sound?