By now, your gift-giving idea bank should be brimming with possibilities thanks to the XLR8R staff and crew handing out suggestions over the last several days. We’ve recommended clothes, toys, music, beer, and even salt shakers, but all these items would come up lacking if you didn’t pair them with a subscription to the mag.

For less money than any other item in our 12 Days of Christmas series, you can buy an XLR8R subscription for yourself or a friend at half the price, for a limited time only. Write us a check for 10 bucks and you’ll get a year’s worth of issues all packaged with our exclusive INCITE CD, featuring music, videos, and software demos from the pages of XLR8R. Or live a little and fork over $17 for two years of such goodness.

The offer is good for domestic US subscribers only, and expires on December 19, 2006. But no matter where you live or what month it is, there’s never a bad time to buy XLR8R.

Enjoy the holidays, and we’ll see you all in 2007.

The Other Days of Christmas
Day 1, Kids in the Hall DVD Megaset
Day 2, Eye of the Hawk beer
Day 3, Sad Ghost salt & pepper shakers
Day 4, This Heat’s Out of Cold Storage Boxed Set
Day 5, Dustin Dollin’s Project 8 No Skool Vans
Day 6, Toys from Kid Robot
Day 7, Gama-Go bird satchel and wallet
Day 8, Official Tourist Rave Hoods
Day 9, M-Audio IE-10 earphones
Day 10, King Jammy’s Selector Choice Boxed Set
Day 11, Madvillain Action Figure