Kelsey Guntharp may take XLR8R’s advertising department seriously, but the rest of her life is just one giant playroom for this lady, made all the more fun with a selection of toys from Kid Robot.

I love toys. I still sleep with my teddy bear, Wilbur, who is so old his insides are all over my bed every morning.

Now that I’ve embarrassed myself, I’ll tell you about some toys that will cheer up your holiday and remind you to have fun. After all, if you take life too seriously you’ll get wrinkles and cancer, and who wants that? Plus, these playful creatures are limited-edition collectibles, for you nerds like me.

Munny and his accessories.

This season Kid Robot has a new Holiday Munny. Munnies are a series of DIY vinyl toys for you or your six-year-old niece to color. Holiday Munny comes with four accessories and a coloring book that includes a cutout Munny ornament.

Uglydolls make huggable toys for your sensitive boyfriend. These guys are adorable little plush dolls with various monstrosities to snuggle by the fire. Try, for example, the new Peaco, a pink “shy guy” with three eyes, a blue tongue, and floppy…ears? Mine sits in my lap while I work.

Uglydolls Peaco and Moxy.

Fun with reading! FriendsWithYou HAVE POWERS! is a new book chronicling all of the awesome FriendsWithYou brand toys, including their ever-adorable Malfi dolls. Plus there’s Kid Robot’s new I Am Plastic-360 color pages of collectible toy history.

Other toys to watch for: Montana Fatcaps (a new series of little creatures made from paint caps, with designs by famous graffiti artists ), Monsterisms and Molvox (vinyl figurines from Monsterism Island), and Sonny Angel (sets of creepy yet cute baby-doll figurines with various, uh, headgear). Now go! Play! You won’t shoot your eye out.

Holiday Munny is available for $29.95. Uglydolls are available for $19.95 each. All toys can be found at Kid Robot.

Kelsey Guntharp

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Holiday Munny and coloring book.