The Analogue Cops‘ (a.k.a. Lucretio and Marieu) are set to return to Hypercolour’s Hype LTD outpost with the forthcoming Hot Brass Dance EP. According to the record’s press release, the pair’s follow-up to last year’s In Plain Clothes EP finds “Lucretio taking up the a-side honors,” while “Marieu takes up the mantle” on the EP’s flip. The record boasts a notable difference for each side, with the front being said to marry elements of “crusty and crunchy drum beats and a ‘hands in the air’ piano/vox,” whereas the b-side approaches a more acid-touched angle inspired by “Dance Mania releases of the ’90s.” With no set release date as of yet, the dynamic Hot Brass Dance EP will hopefully drop sooner rather than later, but until then, the record’s tracklist and art are available to browse below.

A1 Denying
A2 Do It Forever
B1 Manipulation
B2 Fall In