Italian hardware specialists The Analogue Cops will return to Hypercolour later this month with a new, four-track EP. The duo of Lucretio and Marieu have released two 12″s on the label’s HypeLTD subsidiary, and also collaborates with recently profiled producer/DJ Steffi as Third Side. Their upcoming Monkey Suits EP, due out on July 17, reportedly packs “bit-crushed techno and loopy Chicago House”; a press release describes opener “Vampire Killer” as “135-plus beats per minute of face-melting, drum-machine funk,” while on the flip, “deep, sine-wave bass, impeccably mixed drums, and a vocal lick” characterize b-side cut “Corona.” No clips have been shared as of yet, but the EP’s tracklist can be found below.

A1. Vampire Killer
A2. Shinobi
B1. Corona
B2. McGraw