Rumors have been circling once again around the release of new music from the iconic Australian group known as The Avalanches. After the release of a puzzling and exciting documentary trailer titled Since They Left Us (which can be viewed via the player above), it was pointed out that a poster for the film contains a hotline number “for preview screenings.”

The number—0800 098 8938 (UK) or 1-(855) 953-3597 (US)—leads eager fans to a lo-fi loop of an unreleased tune that Shazam identifies as a track titled “Subways” by The Avalanches.

This same tactic was recently employed by UK artist Lone who previewed his feverish track “Backtail Was Heavy” on R&S Records via telephone as a throwback to UK rave hotlines—which would provide directions to anyone trying to find various clandestine dance events. In an age where we expect things to sound crystal and straight to the point, teasing a track via a hotline is a nostalgic and clever tactic that is successfully building further anticipation for an album that is 16 years in the making.