Following the first Tapes mix album put together by The Rapture for !K7, the second installment of the series will be out on November 9 courtesy of London-based electronic pop duo The Big Pink. One of the fellas from that group, Milo Cordell, put together a list of 19 songs that traverse the realms of witch house, bass music, lo-fi experimentalists, and other forward-thinking genres. Among the artists included are Joker, Salem, Balam Acab, Light Asylum, jj, The xx, and Gang Gang Dance, many of whose songs are unreleased bits that were uncovered through the internet. Cordell says of his selections, “I think the songs are as good as anything out there. There are pop music melodies within that minimal production. And the best pop music for me has always been the stuff that the artist does on their own terms. Everything on the mix sounds like that. I think these guys are doing it for themselves and if people discover it then great.” You can check out the artwork and tracklist for The Big Pink’s edition of Tapes, below.

1. GR†LLGR†LL – Slow Dancing
2. Love Distance – Move On The Rain
3. Gang Gang Dance – Ego War
4. Joker – Snake Eater
5. Active Child – Body Heat (So Far Away)
6. Henny Moan – Vreg Dreams (Little Slow Mix)
7. Sewn Leather – Smoke Ov The Pvnk
8. Balam Acab – See Birds
9. yusuf b – kiss the nite
10. ZVA – Nothing
11. No Bra – Minger (These New Puritans Remix)
12. jj – Let Go
13. Salem – Dirt
14. Light Asylum – Shallow Tears
15. The Big Pink – Velvet (BDG Remix By Gang Gang Dance)
16. Actress – Hubble
17. oOoOO – Mumbai
18. The xx – Fantasy
19. Horse Macgyver – Tetanus Wine