After dropping their Tranklements LP in mid 2013, the three veteran producers of Sheffield outfit The Black Dog have returned with the announcement of a four-part EP series to celebrate their 25 years of consistent work. Simply titled Sound of Sheffield Vol.1, the first installment is set to arrive on March 31 via the trio’s own Dust Science label, and is said to be “aimed straight at the dancefloor, using the sounds of the city to echo Sheffield’s heritage in creating electronic music.” The EP makes no mistakes about its intentions, launching off with a fully loaded tech-house beat in “Ism,” evolving into a minimalist techno cut in “Dropforge Learning,” and rounding out with a healthy mix of the first two tracks in “Too Many Ism’s.”

More information about The Black Dog’s upcoming EP series can be found here, and its first edition’s tracklist and artwork are included below.

1. Ism
2. Dropforge Learning
3. Too Many Ism’s