The Sheffield-based IDM pioneers of The Black Dog are set to release a new four-track EP via their own Dust Science label this spring. Called The Return ov Bleep, the trio’s upcoming record exhibits a return to its darker techno roots. The Black Dog has also stressed the record’s strong link to Sheffield and the community of up-and-comers the outfit has been supporting with its Electronic Supper Club project. “Starting the Electronic Supper Club with friends came out of nothing more than a vibe for [Sheffield], to create a canvas for us all to paint on in equal measure,” wrote The Black Dog in a press release. “It’s from this work that this EP was born, it really connected us back into the city. It was and is our way to connect to past/present/future. While others may be dreaming of time travel and jet packs, we accept that the future is much darker and more brutal.” You can check out the artwork and tracklist for The Return ov Bleep below, and preview clips of its tunes before it drops on March 11, here.

A1. Bleep Four
A2. Bleep Two
B1. Bleep One
B2. Bleep Five