The Bunker New York has announced History Of Discipline, the second EP from NY producer Mehmet Irdel (a.k.a. Løt.te). The new EP will follow up his 2014 debut release, Pressure Chant, and features two distinct moods, which Irdel explains is a big focus in his productions: “I’m interested in techno that feels both masculine and feminine at the same time,” says Irdel. “These days, most techno feels either very intricate and clean, or very noisy and macho. What interests me is finding an in-between.” The EP title track, “History Of Discipline,” is the darker of the two, with a heavy atmosphere and swinging rhythm building to a huge climax before unrolling itself into clattering percussion. “A Mutable Constant” is a deeper and more emotive cut, with floating pads breathing through the industrial inspired percussion and sound design.

History Of Discipline will be released on vinyl and digital May 4 and can be pre-ordered here, with a preview of the two tracks streaming below.