The Bunker New York will release Romans‘ first full-length.

Gunnar Haslam and Johannes Auvinen (a.k.a. Tin Man) first got together as Romans back in 2014, and have released two EPs to date—Romans 1 on Global A and last year’s Ambulare Aude on The Bunker New York. The duo will return to the imprint with their debut album together, Valere Aude, a 12-track record packed with “hallucinogenic, psychedelic techno.”

Speaking about the project, Auvinen stated: “We are discovering a third entity as Romans, within Romans, which is neither he [Haslam] nor I. Our decisions as producers become simpler as we get closer to discovering Romans’ sound.”

Valere Aude will be The Bunker New York’s second full-length release, after ReagenzThe Periodic Table. It comes at the end of a year in which the imprint has released music from the likes of Donato DozzyWata Igarashi and Patrick Russell.

Valere Aude is expected to drop in early December. Pre-order it at Bandcamp and listen to snippets below.


01. Cirta (6:23)
02. Legia
03. Via Agrippa
04. Aquila
05. Zarai
06. Locria
07. Cyrene
08. Dura Agameia
09. Markouna
10. Sitifis
11. Sabratha
12. Oeviodunum