The last entry in Leyland James Kirby’s (a.k.a The Caretaker) Everywhere at the end of time series has launched this month with Stage 6, once again via his own History Always Favours The Winners.

Kirby launched the series in September 2016 aiming to present a sonic interpretation of the mind falling into the depths of dementia. Stage 6 is available now on select digital platforms and deluxe gatefold black and blue vinyl versions. The layout includes reproductions of three new paintings by longtime collaborator Ivan Seal. 

In conjunction with the new LP, Kirby has also released the digital-only album Everywhere, an empty bliss, available exclusively on Bandcamp until June 16. 

Both LPs mark Kirby’s final releases under The Caretaker, ending a 20-year run. 

Reflecting on the Everywhere at the end of time series, Kirby says: “When work began on this series it was difficult to predict how the music would unravel itself. Dementia is an emotive subject for many and always a subject I have treated with maximum respect. Stages have all been artistic reflections of specific symptoms which can be common with the progression and advancement of the different forms of Alzheimer’s.”

Order for the digital and physical copies of Everywhere at the end of time—Stage 6 is here, with a stream of the album below. The album is also available on a deluxe 4CD set containing Stages 4-6, with ordering options for that version at this link.

 Tracklisting—Everywhere at the end of time, Stage 6

O1. A confusion so thick you forget forgetting 

P1. A brutal bliss beyond this empty defeat 

Q1. Long decline is over 

R1. Stage 6 Place in the World fades away

Tracklisting—Everywhere, an empty bliss

01. Loss of want back there

02. I might be vanishing

03. Empty beyond beyond beyond

04. Losing battle of loss

05. Advanced plaque camaraderie

06. All eyes bewildered

07. Glimpses of life denial

08. Equinox eyes will stop

09. Losing loss of battle

10. Plaque advanced despair

11. Benjamin beyond bliss

12. Drifting sublime hope

13. Minimal all you are

14. Internal unravel 

15. Dusk memory fraction

16. Entanglement synapse ache

17. And bliss everywhere bliss