U.K.-based weirdo-rock outfit The Chap has signed to Ann Arbor’s Ghostly International, on which the group will release its third album, Mega Breakfast. A quick trip to the band’s MySpace page tells us the group has expanded its sound since 2005’s Ham, adding choruses of vocals, samples galore, and some very danceable beats. And of course, there’s the odd, chugging guitar riff here and there that gives the tracks a little bit of much-needed edge. The album drops July 1 in the U.S. on the aforementioned Ghostly, and on May 12 elsewhere on Lo Recordings.

Prior to the U.S. release, the band will be touring around Europe throughout April, May, and June. Check them if you can.

Mega Breakfast Tracklisting
1. They Have a Name
2. Fun and Interesting
3. Caustion Me
4. Carlos Walter Wendy Stanley
5. Surgery
6. Take It In The Face
7. Ethnic Instrument
8. Proper Rock
9. The Health of Nations
10. Uss Wuss
11. I Saw Them

Tour Dates
04/09 London, U.K.: The Fly
04/14 London, U.K.: The End
04/17 Patras, Greece: Steps
04/20 Athens, Greece: An Club
05/01 Edinburgh, U.K.: Voodoo Rooms
05/02 Hull, U.K.: New Adelphi
05/03 Manchester, U.K.: Furturesonic Festival
05/04 Coventry, U.K. Taylor Johns
05/07 Bristol, U.K.: The Croft
05/13 London, U.K.: Hoxton Bar and Grill
05/17 Tunbridge Wells, U.K.: The Forum
05/20 Berlin, Germany: Privatclub
05/22 Leipzig, Germany: Conne Island
05/23 Hamburg, Germany: Astrastube
05/24 Trier, Germany: Exhaus
05/25 Darmstadt, Germany: Oetinger Villa
05/26 Koln, Germany: Tsunami
05/28 Brest, France: Salle du Clous
05/29 Paris, France: Batofar
05/30 St. Etienne, France: Festival des Musiques Innovatrices
06/01 Lille, France: La Malterie
06/02 Metz, France: Le Tunnel
06/05 Haarlem, Netherlands: Patronaat
06/06 Amsterdam, Netherlands: DNA
06/07 Antwerp, Belgium: Petrol

Photo by Sokratis Mitsios, 2006.