Jason Swinscoe, mastermind behind The Cinematic Orchestra, literally hasn’t stopped moving since the group released its first record, Everyday, in 2002. The production process behind their newest effort, Ma Fleur, had Swinscoe jetting between London, Paris, and New York, where, between unpacking boxes and catching flights, the concept for this album flowered into existence. An epic, abstract tale traveling from life to death, Ma Fleur is an ambient, dreamlike interpretation of a script written between Swinscoe and a friend, and comes complete with 11 photos by Maya Hayuk.

Ma Fleur is out June 5, 2007 on Domino.


1. That Home (feat. Patrick Watson)
2. Familiar Ground (feat. Fontella Bass)
3. Ma Fleur
4. Music Box (feat. Patrick Watson/Lou Rhodes)
5. Time and Space (feat. Lou Rhodes)
6. Prelude
7. As the Stars Fall
8. Into You
9. Breathe (feat. Fontella Bass)
10. To Build a Home (feat. Patrick Watson)