Photo: Josh Cheuse

The Comet is Coming will release their latest mini-album, The Afterlife, on vinyl later this month.

The five-track release serves as a company piece to their Trust in The Lifeforce of the Deep Mystery LP, released in March via Impulse! Records. It originally surfaced on digital streaming platforms and in CD format on September 27, but it will now land on vinyl as part of this year’s Record Store Day Black Friday event on November 29. A limited-edition run of 1,500 copies has been pressed, and remaining copies will be available with other retailers starting early December.

The Comet Is Coming’s Danalogue explains the relationship between the two records:

The two records can be seen as companions, that cannot exist without each other, like day and night, light and dark, creation and destruction. They were made together, at the same time, and have always been intended to be experienced together.”

To find participating stores for this year’s Record Store Day Black Friday and to grab a 12″ version of The Afterlife at your local record shop, click here.


01. All That Matters Is The Moments (ft. Joshua Idehen)
02. The Softness of The Present
03. The Afterlife
04. Lifeforce (Part 1)
05. Lifeforce (Part 2)

The Afterlife is out digitally now, and will be available on vinyl later this month.