100% Silk‘s next four releases will arrive on September 18 from The Cyclist, Maria Minerva (pictured above), Jupiter Jax, and Pleasure Model.

All four artists are label regulars and are returning to the fold with their first full-length efforts of 2020. The Cyclist’s Weather Underground, like its revolutionary group namesake, is a tense and gritty six-tracker befitting the tumultuous times of 2020—expect dust-covered grooves and gauzy synths. Jupiter Jax looks to “notions of escape and the unknown” for inspiration on No Such Thing, a 12-track exercise in shimmering rhythms and melody. On C​.​M​.​T​.​I​.​E. Manual, Pleasure Model soundtracks a “dystopian corporation’s psychonaut expansionist agenda (‘Corporate Macrodosing for Technological Innovation and Efficiency’)” with VHS-like technoid soundscapes beamed from the ether. And finally, Maria Minerva returns for her first LP in half a decade, Soft Power, with another killer collection of neon-lit diva-pop disco.

All four releases will drop digitally, with Weather Underground, C.M.T.I.E. Manual, and Soft Power also available on cassette. Jupiter Jax’s No Such Thing won’t be available as a cassette but instead will drop on vinyl.

You can pre-order all four releases over at 100% Silk’s Bandcamp page, with a video for Pleasure Model’s “ELLIPTIANLOVER” streaming in full below, alongside cuts from each release and their tracklistings.

Maria Minerva Soft Power Tracklisting:

1. Every Single Thing That You Love
2. Had Me At Hello
3. Wake Up In NYC 03:34
4. Summer Romance
5. I Could Be Your Best Friend
6. Down Low (Motor City You Make Me Wanna)
7. Ask Myself For A Reason
8. Apology

The Cyclist Weather Underground Tracklisting:

1. Broken Down
2. Junglo
3. Catacombs
4. Weather Underground
5. Dubby Shanks
6. Crying For Sleep

Jupiter Jax No Such Thing Tracklisting:

1. Solar Witnesses
2. When I Saw You
3. No Such Thing pt. 1
4. No Such Thing pt. 2
5. Moods No Grooves
6. Things Left Unsaid 03:14
7. Moonless Tides
8. Moral Dilemmas
9. Breathing You Out 05:12
10. Limbo Skies
11. Solace
12. The Earth From Above

Pleasure Model C.M.T.I.E. Manual Tracklisting:

1. Cannot Quite Remember
2. Klusterdose
3. Hellingbeams
4. Glacial Memory
5. Degrifture
6. That Seems Fair
7. Elliptianlover
8. Shallowcodex