A producer we deemed one of 2013’s Best New Artists on the strength of his Bones in Motion LP for Leaving/Stones Throw, Andrew Morrison (a.k.a. The Cyclist) will return with a new album in November. Set to arrive via Dublin label All City (who released a 12″ from Morrison under his Buz Ludzha alias earlier this year), the upcoming Flourish LP will offer seven new outings from The Cyclist. As Juno Plus reports, the label describes the record as “lo-fi but not cheap, D.I.Y but not primitive, dancey but not clubby, 4-4 but not straight,” furthermore stating that the LP “may fit into a lot of genres but doesn’t fully belong in any.”

The Cyclist’s next full-length outing is scheduled to drop on November 7; before then, Flourish‘s artwork and tracklist have been included below.

1. Ripples Through Ice
2. Breathless
3. Sand Dunes
4. Break Through
5. Daisy Spirals
6. Flourish
7. Tape Grunge Rave