The DFA Remixes Chapter II Due Out

Earlier this year brought Chapter I of the DFA Remixes, where James Murphy and Tim Goldsworthy worked their remix magic on a selection of tracks by artists like Soulwax, The Chemical Brothers, and Le Tigre. Chapter II sees this Manhattan-based team take on a slightly more eclectic collection of artists, pitting Nine Inch Nails against the likes of Hot Chip and Chromeo while maintaining DFA’s distinctly upbeat, fun-loving flavor. The vinyl version of this compilation will also include rare instrumental versions of these remixes.

Up next, LCD Soundsystem returns, The Juan Maclean, and plenty more remixes coming your way from the Murphy/Goldsworthy duo.

The DFA Remixes: Chapter Two is out October 3, 2006

1. Tiga “Far From Home” (DFA Remix)
2. Junior Senior “Shake Your Coconuts” (DFA Remix)
3. N.E.R.D. “She Wants To Move” (DFA Remix)
4. Hot Chip “Colours” (DFA Remix)
5. Nine Inch Nails “Hand That Feeds” (DFA Remix)
6. Goldfrapp “Slide In” (DFA Remix)
7. Chromeo “Destination Overdrive” (DFA Remix)
8. Unkle “In A State” (DFA Remix)

Vinyl Tracklisting
A. Tiga “Far From Home” (DFA Instrumental Remix)
B. i) Junior Senior “Shake Your Coconuts” (DFA Remix)
ii) Chromeo “Destination Overdrive” (DFA Remix)
C. Goldfrapp “Slid In” (DFA Instrumental)
D. Unkle “In A State” (DFA Remix)