There’s a new EP out from the mysterious San Diego-based collective Drumetrics

Eastronic is a drum-heavy excursion into psychedelic music of the past and present. It sees the collective experimenting with more raw, in the moment mixing, capturing elements that lacked from most recordings 60 years ago, such as recording heavy low end hard to analogue tape. 

Drumetrics adds: “We are proud to embark on the true essence of library music: Themes. This first chapter was produced with inspiration from the 1960’s heavy underground psychedelic compositions from eastern countries. From the Middle East to Bombay India to further east, Indonesia and Japan. A trifecta production from MRR-MSK-ADB recorded on a three-track reel-to-reel.” 

Drumetrics is the product of Machines Have Emotions, started in 1999. The project morphed into a collective called Dirtydrums; and from there, it’s become a record label with a collective of artists aiming to resurrect, recreate, and release music inspired by the UK Library Music of the 1960s. Their latest EP, EYEdeals, landed last year.  

The vinyl version of Eastronic is given the bonus track “Diploid” and has been pressed as a 10″ (45RPM). 

Eastronic EP is available now. Order a limited edition print from the Drumetrics web store and listen to excerpts of the record here


01. Vulturon

02. Bushibot

03. Gerontogeous

04. iKhon

05. Dronesia

06. Diploid (vinyl only)