Detroit, Michigan has never been known for arty pop music. Techno, electro-infused hip-hop, and of course, some soul music–yes. But art-pop? Not so much.

The High Strung is out to set the record straight. In support of its latest record Get the Guests (Park the Van), the band is spearheading one very unique tour across America, where rather than taking on packed bars and small clubs, these three well-read gentlemen are venturing on a library tour!

It’s true. The awkward silences of sniffling bookworms and kids shuffling through aisles of text will be exchanged for classic rock-meets-power-pop intensity.

Lyrically, the band utilizes character sketches as a songwriting tool. With tracks ranging from stories of Cupid shooting himself, to a narcissistic museum curator decorating walls with his own work, to a narrator trying to decide which character is the best romantic model, it’s far from surprising that a band of this intellectual magnitude wouldn’t appear in a library here and there.

Sharing the same label as new pop icons like Dr. Dog and The Teeth, The High Strung are out for literary achievement. Scholars, prepare to have your quiet day of study interrupted.

Get the Guests is out May 15, 2007 on Park the Van.