In the case of this UK-based trio, you can judge a band by its, er, album cover. Or at least by the track titles and overall appearance of the band, both of which hint at the idea carefree fun for everyone. Although still relatively new to the scene, The Klaxons have been turning heads with their brand of post punk meets dancefloor chaos, and the Xan Valleys EP is proof they’re enjoying themselves during this process. With melodies that resemble The Happy Mondays mixed with breakdowns and bpms more reminiscent of rave’s heyday, the EP is an energetic six tracks that definitely don’t follow the rules of predictability, and thank god for that. Expect more music, wacky outfits, and some US tour dates in the next few months from these guys.

The Xan Valleys EP is out October 10, 2006 on Modular

1. Gravity’s Rainbow
2. Atlantis To Interzone
3. 4 Horsemen of 2012
4. The Bouncer
5. Gravity’s Rainbow Van She Remix
6. Atlantis To Interzone Crystal Castles Remix