While the old-guard of music aficionados were busy being jaded and waiting for their spots on the guest list to appear, a new generation of indie rock kids quietly snuck up to the box office windows and grabbed up all available tickets to live shows by The Knife. Nary an open ticket could be found a good month and a half leading up to more than one of the shows on the brother/sister duo’s brief US tour.

What good fortune then, that the Stockholm-based duo is releasing Silent Shout: An Audio Visual Experience, available starting today. The title is blessedly self-explanitory for the DVD of performance footage and videos, all from this year. At the moment the good are only available to those in Sweden, but an alleged release date of November 21 has been floating around the web of late. Should that rumor prove untrue you’ll have to order a copy online and hack your DVD player! At least you’d still get to see the show.