The late Disco D (born David Shayman) was by all means one of the most hard-working producers to ever touch an MPC or mixing console. Working with everyone from 50 Cent to Lil’ Scrappy to Princess Superstar, D possessed dynamic beatmaking skills and endless creativity that made him a hot commodity in the industry.

The recently released Hustle Harder XXL DVD (Kagi Media) showcases Shayman at his most intimate and professional. Focused, incessantly joking, and often stoned, he pulls beats together, takes meetings with label heads (and gives them tons of shit), strikes deals, and gives studio tips during the course of the DVD, making Hustle Harder one of the few films to expose the genius at work without losing that retains the interest of both serious producers and casual fans.

After Shayman’s tragic suicide last year, Hustle Harder acts as a great portrait of a man with experience. He discusses police confrontations in Brazil, his holocaust-survivor grandfather’s suicide, and a host of other details from his life. Rejoice in the DIY work ethic and bag a copy of this.

Hustle Harder XXL is out now on Kagi Media