Throughout the week, a whole lot of material gets posted here on XLR8R. And while we know—and love—that some hardcore readers will eagerly pour over every single news story, interview, podcast, video, and MP3 download that appears on the site, we also realize that for most people, it’s impossible to see everything, which means that some quality XLR8R content is likely to get missed in the hustle and bustle of everyone’s daily lives. In the interest of making it easier for everyone to catch up, every Friday we present The Lowdown, a weekly wrap-up of the top 10 tidbits from our site.

1. Brainfeeder affiliate Austin Peralta unexpectedly passed away earlier this week at the age of 22.

2. Gavin Russom’s latest project, The Crystal Ark, put together an exclusive mix (conceived as a “meditation tape”) for this week’s XLR8R podcast.

3. The Innovative Leisure imprint is set to release its Ouroboros compilation next week, and elected to give away a free track from Machinedrum to help spread the word.

4. UK producer Slugabed is launching a new label, Activia Benz, with the Urnite EP from Deech. Slugabed offered up a free download of his own remix of the title track.

5. Canadian producer Monolithium has a new EP, Bounce for Life, dropping next month on the Error Broadcast label, and sent over the title track as a free download for XLR8R readers.

6. Our readers have a large appetite for lilting West Coast beatwork, which is likely why so many grabbed “Blue Dream,” a woozy creation from G Jones and Grimblee that appeared in our Downloads section this week.

7. UK talent Kommune1 gave away “Helios,” a bonus cut from his forthcoming single on Lone’s Magic Wire label.

8. Excitement is building about Ableton’s upcoming release of Live9, and producers are curious about literally every detail of the program. This week, a video surfaced that previews Live9’s exciting audio-to-MIDI conversion capabilities.

9. Following our very popular preview stream last week, it’s not surprising that so many readers wanted to check out our review of Sigha’s debut full-length for Hotflush, Living with Ghosts.

10. Our latest High Five finds UK dubstep veteran Pinch selecting five of his favorite old-school tunes that never made it off acetate.

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