The Maghreban is set to return with two new singles, namely “Brooklyn” and “The Carpenters.”

This double A-side will be his second outing on Bristol label Black Acre following his “Lose It”/”Wrong Move” double A-side earlier in 2016,

The Maghreban:

“This is an ode to my dead rescue cat Brooklyn. Also, there’s some soca rhythms in there, and Straker’s records was in Brooklyn. Tenuous link there. The Carpenters were an odd couple. I named this track that because the synths that come in, it kind of sounds like they’re having an odd conversation with the bass. Or with each other. A conversation between two odd things. Not that I’m entirely normal myself.”

Brooklyn / The Carpenter is scheduled for November 11 release on Black Acre, with “Brooklyn” streamable in full below.