Bronx-bred house duo The Martinez Brothers has apparently been dabbling in the world of hip-hop production as of late, electing to give away its first EP of such efforts, WARHOL*BASQUIAT, as a free download. Heavy on samples and chopped-up bits of refracted soul, The Martinez Brothers’ hip-hop stylings lean more to the Madlib side of the spectrum than, say, Lex Luger, keeping the EP jazzy at all times across its five stoned-out head-nodders. The EP also comes with some general news of the outfit’s plans for 2014, saying in the press release, “We have some big things coming up next year; we’re starting a new label, revealing our art projects, and releasing more hip-hop productions.” In the meantime, The Martinez Brothers’ WARHOL*BASQUIAT EP can be downloaded for free here.