The Martinez Brothers have partnered with fellow New York City cohorts Jesse Calosso and Blas Cordero for the Masters at Dutch project, a free 10-track EP dedicated to their fans. “We made these tracks while we were off,” the brothers say. “We wanted to thank all our fans who have supported us and bought tickets to our shows last year & we hope you know we appreciate you guys! So we’re giving you a collection of tracks for free download so you can check out what we’ve been up to.” The EP is a collection of club-ready tech house cuts, interspersed with intros, outros, and interludes, adding a hip-hop touch to the release.

The Martinez Brothers will land in LA on Thursday for a Cuttin’ Headz showcase, with support from Filsonik and Jesse Calosso. You can get tickets to that show here, and the free download of the EP here.