With 2005’s Such Triumph living up to its name, Chicago’s Jesse Woghin, Sam Axelrod, and James Barron, collectively known as The Narrator, prep their sophomore effort, All That to the Wall. Delve past the album’s title and you’ll find set of blessedly unpretentious, lo-fi tracks that see the guys getting emotional on the vocals and making a distinct break from their previous release.

Maybe it’s that they’re from the humble Midwest, or that fact that the trio isn’t afraid to take a sharp left turn on the musical highway just when the world was pigeonholing them as post-punk, but some gut feeling inside us says this is one of those indie rock acts you might actually want to take note of. All That… steers clear of the glossy finish preferred by the Bloc Partys and Futureheads of the world, opting for a raw, slightly imperfect feel that’s more reminiscent of Mom and Dad’s garage than a giant arena, which is what the genre is supposed to be about anyway.

All That to the Wall is out May 15, 2007 on Flameshovel.

1. Son of the Son of the Kiss of Death
2. August 32nd
3. Speeding Up the Gang
4. Surf Jew
5. Panic at Puppy Beach
6. All the Tired Horses
7. Start Parking
8. Papal Airways
9. Breaking the Turtle
10. A Decade in Kentucky
11. Chocolate Windchimes