In recent years the landscape for “singles” has changed dramatically–frequently, listeners are forced to scour a half-dozen niche online- or brick-and-mortar shops to find that one hot beat. But the amount of choice and variety in contemporary electronic club tracks is unparalleled. As such, XLR8R is proud to present occasional round-ups of what we think will be bangin’ the box in the coming months. Here are just a few picks.

Techno and IDM
Gudrun Gut “In Pieces Remixes” Monika
Taken from her album, In Pieces, this diverse EP features remixes from Kompakt’s Jörg Burger & Wolfgang Voigt (sensual, ambient techno), Pole (sparse, abstract IDM), and Dntel (electro-pop).

Selway & Vincenzo “Dream Stealer” CSM
This is the first collaboration between internationally established artists and long-time friends John Selway and Vincenzo Ragone. The two collaborate for a round of pulsing, sepia-toned techno that will appeal to minimalists and bangin’ heads alike. Joel Mull offers a weighty remix.

D-Pulse “Euphoria” Pro-Tez
D-Pulse is a unique live-house quartet from Izhevsk, Russia. Formerly a closed city full of secret military plants, Izhevsk suddenly developed a deep and full-featured underground music scene. The three-track Euphoria EP is all about melodic fusion, with elements of Tchaikovsky, Metro Area, and Âme that reflects the mood of the region’s techno. Standout track “New Poetry” will please shuffle- and jazz-techno fans alike.

Nu-jazz and Broken Beat
Arthur Verocai “BIS” Far Out
This fine 7” single features a ‘70s Brazilian bossa vocal track with an Eddy Meets Yannah broken-ish remix on the flip. Also Far Out’s new project Zeep, featuring Chris Franck and Nina Miranda, both integral members of Smoke City and Da Lata, is making much noise!

Arision Re-editsArision
Rare 1970s Brazilian and electro-funk rhythms are given first rate re-edits by Yosaku and Yam Who?. Yosaku, whose first release, “Future Paradise,” was praised by Gilles Peterson, Spiritual South, and Michael Ruetten, assumes remix duties for “Brasilia.” Yam Who? has turned the track “Night Travel” into a Carl Craig-esque beast, with hidden references to Lil Louis’ “French Kiss.”

Orgone “I Get Lifted” Ubiquity
The North Hollywood funk band covers George McCrae’s 1974 classic in a modern funk style, featuring handclaps and fantastic live horns. If you thought disco–real soulful disco–could never come back, think again.

DJ Sun “Ten (feat. Jessica Zweback)” Alternate Take
DJ Sun was born in Holland and spent half his childhood in Suriname before settling in Houston’s eclectic art center Montrose. A prolific DJ and radio show host since 1995 (Soular Grooves, KPFT 90.1 FM), Sun debuts as a recording artist with three deep, downtempo cuts on the Monday Drive EP, which sees him blend Akai MPC2000 beats, a ’71 Wurlitzer, and the Korg Trinity into dreamy sound travels.

Move D “Your Rolling Hills” Compost Black Label
If you like your house choppy and unpredictable, but with a strong melodic base, long-time German producer Move D brings you his best work in years. Like a collaboration between Akufen and Mark Pritchard, the beats and textures on this interesting earful evolve while keeping its dancefloor-minded groove going.

Pawel Kobak “Give It Up” Deeplay Music
In the style of ambient tribal tracks of the early ‘90s. “Euphoria” is somewhere between refined progressive house and tasteful, Kompakt-style nu-trance, but definitely understated.

Pressure Drop “You’re Mine” Great Stuff
It’s Volume 3 in Great Stuff’s Roots Edition series, where contemporary producers remix classic dub-influenced dancefloor tracks. Pressure Drop’s original house version of “You’re Mine” was released in 1992, with Johanna Law on vocals. Big-room stalwarts Tim Deluxe and Dirk Dreyer give their best efforts on some quality, peak-time electro-house remakes.