Berlin-based artist The Newcomer will provide Kaleidoscope‘s first Aether Editions entry of the year.

A new project from an acclaimed artist—one with standout releases under another moniker and appearances on stages and in clubs across Europe and the US—The Newcomer joins Kaleidoscope’s impressive back catalogue; one that includes debut and early releases from some of electronic music’s most uncompromising artists, including Sculpture, Aldous RH, Karen Gwyer, Yearning Kru, Arch M, Orphan, and ALAK. Mirelet Unsette Moiyana continues the label’s penchant for releasing standout debuts, its six tracks emotionally charged trips filled with warped sound design and confounding rhythms.

At once delicate and powerful, Mirelet Unsette Moiyana relays
memories of “a powerful vision of a world; the reflection of its makers… a feeling of
true belonging.”

Ahead of the January 20 release, you can watch the fittingly hallucinatory video for album cut “Marrrd E” in full via the player below, with the album available for preorder via Kaleidoscope’s Bandcamp page.