Ghostly International, with support from Vans, will continue its Ghostly Knowledge Share series on Thursday, August 20 via Twitch.

This particular discussion will focus on career opportunities and creative processes related to music composition, sound design, and licensing for games, film, and television. The featured panelists are Jocelyn Brown, an independent music supervision and licensing consultant; Daniel Rosenfeld (a.k.a C418); Kat Wenske, a freelance sound designer and composer; and Will Wiesenfeld (a.k.a Geotic/Baths). On moderation is Aaron Guice, or AFRORACK. You can read more about the panelists here.

This is the sixth Ghostly Knowledge Share event and the second to stream online following last month’s roundtable talk on Philosophy, Inspiration & Workflow.

Ghostly launched Ghostly Knowledge Share in 2017 as a way for the label and its extended family of artists to engage closely with the community and help demystify the process by which one begins and flourishes in the field of creative arts. The series has previously been held in Los Angeles, New York, Ann Arbor, and Detroit. You can read more about it here.

This particular edition takes place on August 20 at 7pm EDT. You can RSVP here ahead of its stream here.

Editor’s note: Lead photo is livestream screengrab of July 2020’s ‘Knowledge Share’ on Philosophy, Inspiration & Workflow.