Looks like The Orb’s co-founder, Alex Paterson (pictured above, front and center), has been quite busy lately. A while back, the classic mixtape he made alongside Thomas Fehlmann for Coldcut’s radio show back in 1991 was reintroduced to the world, and more recently, Paterson joined forces with Martin Glover (a.k.a. Youth) and Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour on the forthcoming Metallic Spheres album. Now, Paterson and Glover will revisit the days of late-’80s acid-house with a lengthy compilation telling the story of their WAU! Mr. Modo label. Entitled The Orb & Youth Present: Impossible Oddities, the release features classics and rarities from the likes of Insync, Mystic Knights, Indica Allstars, Readymade, Eternity, Uncle 22, and, of course, The Orb. The mix album will packaged along with artwork by The KLF’s Jimmy Cauty, a poster made up of music press cuttings from the ’80s and ’90s, and a bonus third disc featuring a DJ mix of WAU! Mr. Modo tracks by The Orb. You can check out the cover and tracklist before Impossible Oddities is released on November 9.

1. THE ORB ‘Little Fluffy Clouds’ [Demo Version] **
2. ETERNITY ‘Ashram House’ (Extended Mix)
3. THE ORB ‘Tripping On Sunshine’ (Live Mix)
4. DISCOTEC 2000 ‘Feel This’
5. STP TWENTY THREE ‘Let Jimi Take Over’ (Ultramix 1)
6. JOHNSON DEAN FEAT LYNDA LAW – ‘Somebody Somewhere’(Black Country Mix)
7. UNCLE 22 – ‘LOVE’
8. PARADISE X ‘2 Much’ (Out Of This World Mix)
9. DELKOM ‘Superjack’ (Orbital Infusion 2000)
10. SUN ELECTRIC ‘O’Locco’ (Orbital Therapy Part 1)
11. INDICA ALL STARS ‘Open Our Eyes’ (Original)
12. INDICA ALL STARS ‘Open Our Eyes’ (New Style Version)
13. MYSTIC KNIGHTS ‘Filo Funk’

1. ZOE ‘Sunshine On A Rainy Day’ [Reformation version] **
2. BLOWFLY ‘Work Your Body’ (Work Your Body Mix)
3. ETERNITY ‘Blackcurrant’
4. INSYNC ‘Reflection’
5. READYMADE ‘See Saw’ (Victor)
6. STP TWENTY THREE ‘Some Lovin’ (Just A Beat) (Massive Mix)
7. UNCLE 22 ‘Sulpher Salsa’
9. INSYNC ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ (Original Mix)
10. MYSTIC KNIGHTS ‘The Wrath Of Khan’ (Long Play Mix)
11. UNCLE 22 ‘Is It House?’
12. SOUND IRITATION ‘Seventh Seal’

CD 3
1. UNCLE 22 ‘The Man From…’
2. SUN ELECTRIC ‘O’Locco’ (Orbital Therapy Part 5)
3. STP TWENTYTHREE ‘Goldfinger’ (Alpine Drive Mix)
4. PARADISE X ‘2 Much’ (Out Of This World Mix)
5. GEORGETTE DELLA ROSA ‘D’ya Wanna’ (Roots Mix)
6. READYMADE ‘Ambient State‘ (Edit)
7. INSYNC ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ (Ambient Mix)
9. JAM ON THE MUTHA ‘Hotel California’ (Orbitally Ambient Mix)
10. APPOLO XI ‘Peace’ (In The Middle East)
11. STP TWENTYTHREE ‘I’m Gonna Love You’ (Pablo Style Mix)
12. DELKOM ‘Superjack” (Neutron Infusion 9000)