Members of The Orb want to make it very clear that their forthcoming full-length is, in no way, a “comeback” album. According to their press release, founding members Alex Paterson and Youth have been collaborating in their hometown of London for the last few years and have a “retro-fresh” album ready for the record stores as a result of this, a release “created purely upon the need to work together.”

The Dream finds the reunited team further exploring chill, downtempo breaks, though one hopes they’ve managed to update their sound since the days of “Little Fluffy Clouds.” System 7’s Steve Hillage, a key player in the earliest days of the group, appears on the album, as does Japanese singer Aki Omori and soulstress Juliet Roberts.

1 The Dream (The Future Academy Of Noise, Rhythm And Gardening Mix)
2 Vuja De
3 Something Special
4 A Beautiful day
5 DDD [Dirty Disco Dub]
6 The Truth Is…
7 Phantom Of Ukraine
8 Mother Nature
9 Lost & Found
10 The Forest Of Lyonesse
11 Katskills
12 High Noon
13 Sleeping Tiger & The Gods Unknown
14 Codes
15 Orbisonia