Berkeley-based hip-hop phenoms Lil Uno, Lil B, and Young L (a.k.a. The Pack) have dropped their affiliations with Jive to release a follow-up to 2007’s Based Boys album on SMC in August. SMC CEO Will Bronson said of his recent deal with The Pack, “I tried signing The Pack when ‘Vans’ broke but how could I compete with Too $hort? The Pack has always been ahead of the curve and with this new album, the songs are stellar and they’ve truly evolved into stars. We’ve got so much in store for these guys, it’s incredible.” The new album, entitled Wolfpack Party, seems to find the group experimenting with new sounds and styles far from their breakout hit, “Vans,” as heard on this behind-the-scenes video featuring bits of The Pack’s new single, “Wolfpack Party 2010,” in the background, below. You can also download the single here.