In the words of its co-organizer, Zee Santiago, the annual Trinity Hip-Hop Festival “demonstrates how hip-hop has become an international culture as well as an accepted academic area of study.”

Past editions of the festival have held true to this statement, with personalities like Can’t Stop Won’t Stop author Jeff Chang and film director Byron Hurt giving talks alongside performances from contemporary, “conscious” hip-hop artists.

The 2008 edition follows suite, with a keynote address from author Bakari Kitwana (The Hip Hop Generation and Why White Kids Love Hip Hop), which he has titled “Can Hip Hop Make the Transition from Cultural Movement to Political Power?” Following the address will be three days of performances by artists from places as close as Seattle and as far as Senegal, as well as a b-boy battle hosted by Rock Steady Crew’s Pop Master Fabel, workshops on beatmaking and graffiti, panel discussions, and more. Confirmed performers thus far include duo Zimbabwe Legit, The Perceptionists, DJ Boo, Nomadic Wax’s African Underground band, and a grip of others.

Festivities go down April 4 – 6 at Trinity College in Hartford, CT. Check the trailer below for a preview of the events.

Pictured above, from left: keynote speaker Bakari Kitwana and DJ Boo.