While we haven’t heard much from The Presets since the release of Beams, we do know the Australia-based duo has not fallen off the musical map, as evidenced by “Wet N Wild,” a new single from K.I.M (a.k.a. Kimberley Issac Moyes, producer and programmer for the duo).

Released by Modular, the track (along with its subsequent remixes) is markedly different from Moyes production work in The Presets, softer and more minimal in sound, with emphasis placed on space-age style bleeps and tweaks, rather than chugging synths and warped vocals. The track will be available exclusively from Turntable Lab starting Tuesday, November 20, for two weeks. A limited-edition vinyl edition will follow shortly.

Meanwhile, we’re still waiting for news on a follow-up to Beams

1. Wet N Wild
2. Wet N Wild (Riot in Belgium mix)
3. Wet N Wild (Midnight Juggernauts mix)
4. Wet N Wild (Donnie Sloan mix)