It’s been a while since Australia-based duo The Presets released a new album (over two years in fact!), but with a short Australian tour with Daft Punk and member Kim Moyes releasing his “Wet N Wild” EP under the K.I.M. moniker, it looks like the duo is back in business. Further proof: the forthcoming single “My People.” Available to stream via the band’s MySpace page, the new track lives up to the Preset’s self-proclaimed “Industrial/Psychedelic/Techno” categorization, with brutal synth lines, KMFDM-esque breaks, and well, super poppy vocals.

Even given the band’s electro past–as indicated on 2005’s Beams–and its affiliation with blog posterboys Digitalism, Riot In Belgium, and the like, “My People” is far heavier than anything done by these peers. Released through Modular on December 18, this long-awaited 12” may bring back black clothes into the club. Check the Modular site for pre-order dates and, who knows, maybe even a new full-length?