James Hinton (a.k.a. The Range) is a budding talent whose warped, hybridized productions have appeared on our site a handful of times in recent memory. Now, the Rhode Island-based producer has announced the forthcoming release of his debut LP, Nonfiction, which will land this fall via Donky Pitch. The 11-track album is said to further define The Range’s “uniquely crafted musical outlook; a sound that takes in ethereal classical instruments, tough intricate percussion, and thick bass and packs them with melody and emotion.” Before the record sees an official release on October 14, its artwork and tracklist are included below, along with a brief teaser video.

01 Loftmane
02 Everything But
03 The One
04 Jamie
05 Seneca
06 FM Myth
07 Hamiltonian
08 Postie
09 Sad Song
10 Telescope
11 Metal Swing