Following the 2008 release of his debut album, Glider, the reclusive artist known as The Sight Below (a.k.a. Rafael Anton Irisarri) will release his follow up full-length of sullen guitar-based ambient sounds, the pessimistically titled It All Falls Apart. The new album is said to focus primarily on the guitar work that provides The Sight Below with its signature sound, straying away from the electronic rhythms that colored his past music. It All Falls Apart will also include collaborations with ex-Slowdive drummer Simon Scott, and vocals from Jesy Fortino (a.k.a. Tiny Vipers) on the particularly appropriate cover of Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures cut “New Dawn Fades.” The whole affair will come to us April 6 via Ghostly International, with European and North American tours planned for spring. Check out the artwork and tracklist for It All Falls Apart below.

1. Shimmer
2. Fervent
3. Through the Gaps in the Land
4. Burn Me Out From the Inside
5. It All Falls Apart
6. New Dawn Fades
7. Stagger