Mike Skinner’s back, and it looks like he got all contemplative for his latest album, Everything is Borrowed, under his guise The Streets. According to a recent press release, “Skinner is contemplating the impermenant nature of life this time around. [He has] made a record to console the lonely and bring a smile to the saddest visage.”

So no rapping about drinking too much brandy and bitching about camera phones?

In any case, pick up the new album on October 7 via Vice.

Everything is Borrowed
01 Everything Is Borrowed
02 Heaven For The Weather
03 I Love You More (Than You Like Me)
04 The Way Of The Dodo
05 On The Flip Of A Coin
06 On The Edge Of A Cliff
07 Never Give In
08 The Sherry End
09 Alleged Legends
10 The Strongest Person I Know
11 The Escapist

Photo By Christopher Glancy.