The folks at The Warehouse Project, a new party devoted to curating a music festival that won’t be all outdoor fields and mud, seem to have gotten the event planning template right. Unlike most multi-artist, high production festivals, they’ve chosen to stage theirs indoors, at Manchester’s famous Boddingtons Brewery. Another plus is that instead of the festival running a single weekend, it runs for twelve, ending with a final bash on New Year’s Eve and guaranteeing that on any given weekend there will be something to do. Though the event’s popularity it remains to be seen, it’s possible this could change the populace’s perception about how a festival ought to run, with less focus on convincing farmers to rent their land and more emphasis on booking a fabulous lineup.

Public Enemy will start festivities with a live show, and other noteworthy nights include a Radio Soulwax Party, Giles Peterson, Fingathan, Mr. Scruff, Jamie Lidell, Jimmy Edgar, Theo Parish, The Hospital Records Crew, Black Strobe, Jeff Mills, and we could go on but you get the idea.This is an event series worth braving the new international flight regulations and heading over to England for.

The Warehouse Project runs from Friday, October 6 until Sunday, December 31, 2006.