Lady Sovereign’s best tracks were written before her newfound fame, and the midget who acts even younger than she looks has worked hard to cultivate her dramatic reputation. This week a video surfaced of her in total meltdown mode at Studio B in Brooklyn–and it’s great. Before crying and being dragged off stage, Sovereign commented that she was only playing the show because she was broke and imparted these words of wisdom: “America fucks you up. Fuck America.” When her career ends, she should definitely be a political analyst.

Message boards have been blowing up over Beanie Sigel’s recent diss of Kanye West and Pharrell. Beanie was caught on video taking issue with the credibility of the two producers, which essentially amounted to him pointing out that one can’t claim to be street whilst sporting Louis Vuitton (a valid point). The clip ends with him saying, “Where I’m from, you walkin’ down the street like that, you liable to get something happen to you. Yeah, you might as well come out the closet, homeboy.”

Wayne Fontana, of the ’60s UK-based beat group The Mindbenders, was taken into custody this week after setting fire to a debt collector’s car. When arriving in court, Fontana brought a sword and scales. His outfit consisted of a crown, a cape, and aviator shades. He stated that “justice is blind,” only moments before entering the courtroom, which only heightens the sense that he is a total buffoon.

Cobblestone Jazz and Troy Pierce have given Cybotron’s classic cut “Clear” the once-over (Pierce twice). Pierce’s first edit sounds like a Minus b-side, relying heavily on the original material. CJ recorded a live take, which they pieced together from the source, brought in an acid sensibility, and liberally drenched it with a vocoder. As Louderbach, Pierce produces an evil, blissed-out psych-fest that plays much better than his other mix.

Go to Detroit. This weekend brings the city’s annual MOVEMENT festival, which means everything you need to see is packed into one tight little block of ravetastic goodness. Gui Boratto, Richie Hawtin, and every other relevant techno artist, with the exception of Ricardo Villalobos, will perform. Of course it wouldn’t be a party without us, so keep an eye out for the XLR8R crew representing.