Music isn’t all about forthcoming LPs, multi-city tours, and special haircuts. Once a week XLR8R likes to turn its attention to the more obscure and sometimes bizarre news from last seven days. Today we bring you some music industry politics, groundbreaking (literally) discoveries about ravers, and one or two items that are just plain weird.

On Monday, the Norwegian customer ombudsman (which, according to a certain managing editor, is “kinda like an advocate/mediator for legal/government shit”) declared iTunes illegal in his country, citing Apple’s violation of consumer protection laws as the reason. But what will they do when they realize how many headaches are caused from operating Zune?

Meanwhile, evidence of mankind’s first ravers has been unearthed, during excavations in Durrington Walls, U.K. Archaeologists found dwellings supposedly dating back to the time when Stonehenge was built, including a “feasting assemblage” that, according to Mike Parker Pearson, was where prehistoric folk “went to party–you could say it was the first free festival.” Wonder what the neolithic ravers would think of all this new-rave hoopla.

And for anyone who ever had the balls to hop the fence surrounding Michael Eavis’ farm, a Glastonbury documentary is set to play on Friday, March 2 at Landmark’s Shattuck Cinemas in Berkeley, CA. Relive the glory days of the UK’s famous music festival–that is, the days before you were required to submit a passport photo to even be eligible for purchasing tickets.

Lastly, we leave you with the supposed acceptance speech from The Knife at this year’s Swedish Grammis Awards (their version of the Grammys), and hope you have less time on your hands than the person responsible for making this video.

Have a safe, nutty weekend.