XLR8R reviews the week’s musical happenings, and wonders when it became trendy for artists to stare blankly to the left of the camera when posing for photos.

This week:

Ben Gibbard and Jimmy Tamborello of The Postal Service stirred up scandal when their electro-pop anthem “Give Up” was heard playing in the background of a UPS commercial. That’s United Parcel Service, not United States Postal Service, who had struck a name-sharing deal with the duo some time back. Neither Gibbard nor Tamborello have made an explanation, which means they might be too busy, hard at work on that new FedEx commercial.

Mid-week we learned that popular mixtape DJs Drama and Don Cannon had been arrested for music piracy–and apparently advertising and having a website as well. As usual, the RIAA offered minimal and not-so-informative commentary, but they did confiscate just about everything inside the DJs’ downtown Atlanta studio.

In less-scandalous news, Hefty Records holds its Your Formula Life event tonight (January 19) at Sonotheque in Chicago, where Plus Device, Daedelus, Derek Plaslaiko, and Atomly will grace the speakers with a wide range of genres. If you haven’t yet, enter the Your Formula Life Contest to bag some releases from a few of Hefty’s best artists.

Tickets for the March 30 LCD Soundsystem show at Bowery Ballroom in New York sold out in less than an hour, but thanks to a little bird, we found out that a second show has been scheduled. Get your tickets while you still can, otherwise you might end up forking over hundreds to a scalper with a goofy haircut.

Have a safe, fun-filled weekend, and if you hear of anything strange, scandalous, or just plain hilarious, be sure to let us know.