Daft Punk: Will they ever get tired of this getup?

Since the release of 2005’s Human After All, Daft Punk has been busy reclaiming its place at the top of search pages on Google and top ten lists on just about every site in the blogosphere. As far as tours go, the guys have barely set their toenails in the States since inception nearly 15 years ago, but the Frenchmen are finally playing a handful of (arena sized) dates. For those lacking funds or patience for huge crowds, there is also a series of official “Daft Punk After Parties” following each concert. These late nighters feature Sebastian, Kavinsky, and James Fucking Friedman’s Throne of Blood crew wrecking the decks.

Big-ups to all of you that joined the fight to save internet radio and contacted your senators or representatives this week. Shame on those of you who sat on your asses reading about the controversy and didn’t do anything. The record industry is seeking ridiculous royalty rates that would seriously jeopardize the future of internet radio stations. If nothing happens by July 15, you can pretty much say goodbye to one of the best ways to expose and promote new music. Get on it. Yes, now. Don’t even finish reading this column.

Sam Bernett is a former Paris nightclub owner who says that Jim Morrison of The Doors didn’t die in his hotel room. The official story claims Morrison died of heart complications while bathing. Bernett, who ran the club that Morrison attended that night back in 1971, says that he actually overdosed on heroin in a bathroom stall while buying smack for his girlfriend.

Wilson in 1976.

Factory Records founder Tony Wilson has been fighting kidney cancer for a while, and unfortunately for him, the city of Manchester doesn’t pay for the medicine required for treatment. With costs upwards of $7000 a month, former and current Happy Mondays managers Nathan McGough and Elliot Rashman have started a fund raiser and purchased enough medicine for the next five months’ treatment. Get better, Tony.

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