Mum will appear at the Iceland Airwaves festival.

Festivals: New York to Reykjavik
Everyone knows the Coachellas and Glastonburys of the festival world, but next up is something different, the New York-based Diamond Days, a psych festival of epic proportions that takes place from July 19-22, 2007. The event features Sunburned Hand of Man, Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound, and Mythical Beast. Also, Reykjavík is home to the Iceland Airwaves Festival, which takes a closer look at the softer side of indie rock. Guests can expect artists like Múm, Of Montreal, and Deerhoof present. Sure, you can see all of those artists elsewhere, but can you see them in Iceland?

Hot Ticket
Just over a week ago, Japan’s ultimate psych-rock outfit Boredoms graced Brooklyn Bridge Park with their presence, performing the 77 Drum piece with, uh, 77 drummers. However, because too many tickets sold ahead of time, several people were denied entrance into the park to see the show. Thus, Jelly NYC and Going.Com have pledged to alleviate this problem for future summer shows, which include TV on the Radio. There will be a 3000 person pre-sale online, and a limited number of general admission tickets at the gate.

Cameron Octigan

Long Live the Bootleggers!
For anyone who isn’t sick of hearing about Justice (anyone?), Vice Records is bigging-up unauthorized, bootleg remixes of a certain, five-letter track by the Parisian duo, and in the spirit of community, has compiled some of the best bedroom DJ and professional versions of it. “D.A.N.C.E.,” in its many different forms, is now hosted the label’s Up Your Jaxxy MP3 blog, along with other Justice productions. Here’s to embracing creativity instead of suing people!

Adios, Audiofile
Any music fans who read Salon and have been used to filling up their iTunes with the site’s free downloads–which offer tracks by everyone from Kanye to Mogwai–can kiss those days goodbye. An announcement on the site simply says, uh, what I just said, that Audiofile will be discontinued. We await further explanation, but we like to think it was XLR8R‘s Downloads Section that made the uber-intellectual source throw in the towel.

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